Legal Services for Expats

Tailored legal support for expatriates in Thailand, covering visas, work permits, property, family law, and more, ensuring a smooth transition and compliance with Thai regulations.

Legal Counseling for Expatriates

Initial Legal Orientation
A customized session to understand your situation and objectives, providing a foundational understanding of living and working in Thailand as an expatriate.
Visa Consultation and Application Assistance
Guidance on selecting the right visa type, preparing application documents, and navigating the application process to ensure a successful move to Thailand.
Criminal Legal Support and Representation
Expert representation and support in dealing with criminal allegations or investigations, ensuring your rights are protected and offering guidance through the complexities of the Thai legal system.
Work Permit Services
Expert advice and assistance in obtaining work permits, making sure expatriates are fully authorized to work and compliant with Thai employment regulations.
Property and Real Estate Advisory
Support in navigating the Thai property market, from lease agreements to property purchases, ensuring secure and legally sound transactions.
Family and Marital Law Guidance
Counseling on family and marital legal matters, including marriage registration, prenuptial agreements, and divorce proceedings under Thai law.
Tax Counseling and Compliance
Advice on tax obligations and planning for expatriates living in Thailand, ensuring compliance with local and home country tax laws.

How we work

Initial Consultation
We start with a detailed discussion to understand your business model and company formation objectives.
Customized Solutions
Presenting the optimal structure and strategy for your business setup, tailored to your specific needs and goals.
Documentation and Registration
Handling all necessary paperwork, filings, and registrations with precision, making the formation process seamless and efficient.
Continued Support
Offering ongoing legal and administrative support to ensure your company remains compliant and thrives in its market.


Our pricing structure is transparent and competitive, reflecting the value and expertise we bring to each client engagement. For detailed pricing information, please contact our office to schedule a consultation.

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