Business Law Consulting

Opus Law’s Business Law Consulting services offer strategic legal advice to navigate complex business environments. Our expertise ensures compliance, risk management, and strategic growth for businesses in Thailand and beyond.
Two thai lawyers offering business consultation in Thailand.

services we provide

General Business Consulting
Assisting with company setup, navigating hiring issues, and managing taxes and licenses to ensure smooth operations and compliance.
Corporate Structuring
Optimize your business structure for efficiency and growth with our insights into Thai corporate law, maximizing operational success.
Strategic Compliance Planning
Ensure your business meets all legal requirements with our comprehensive compliance strategies, tailored to Thai and international standards.
Contract Review and Negotiation
Enhance your business deals with our meticulous contract review and negotiation services, ensuring your agreements are solid and beneficial.
Intellectual Property Protection
Secure your valuable assets with our intellectual property services, offering registration, enforcement, and strategic management advice.

How we work

Initial Consultation
We begin with a personalized session to understand your unique legal challenges and business objectives.
Strategy Development
Crafting tailored legal strategies that align with your goals, ensuring compliance and competitive advantage.
Strategy Implementation
Executing the devised strategies efficiently, navigating legal processes to achieve your desired outcomes.
Ongoing Support
Providing continuous legal oversight and adjustments to strategies, ensuring long-term success and compliance.


Our pricing structure is transparent and competitive, reflecting the value and expertise we bring to each client engagement. For detailed pricing information, please contact our office to schedule a consultation.

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