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Opus Law International

Opus Law, headquartered in Chiang Mai, excels in navigating Thai law and business practices with a vast network and a diverse team of experts. We offer comprehensive legal services, ensuring seamless solutions for both local and international clients.


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11+ years of experience
With over 11 years of experience, Opus Law has deep-rooted expertise in Thai legal practices, fostering strong connections and offering tailored solutions across various legal fields.
Leading industry experts
Our team of leading industry experts leverages extensive knowledge and experience to provide unparalleled legal advice and strategic insights across a broad spectrum of specialties.
Reliable solutions
We deliver reliable, strategic legal solutions, blending over a decade of Thai legal expertise with a global perspective to meet diverse client needs effectively.
Fair pricing
We are committed to fair pricing, offering transparent, competitive rates that ensure access to high-quality legal services without compromising excellence or expertise.
Modern approach
We adopt a modern approach to legal services, integrating cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies to navigate complex legal landscapes efficiently and effectively.
Strong support
We provide unwavering support before, during, and after each case, ensuring clients feel informed, supported, and confident in their legal journey with us.

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A word from The Founder

As a lifelong advocate for justice, my journey in law began in England and found its continued path in Thailand for over a decade. With extensive experience in international law, I lead Opus Law with a commitment to excellence, ensuring we consistently set new industry standards and provide unparalleled legal solutions.

Philip Sweeney

Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales
Founder and Director, Opus Law International

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